Who are we?

Contemporary Law Studio is not the first project of our team of like-minded professionals. It resulted from their long-term and varied activities related to legal practice, law-making, research and teaching. Having started cooperation within the framework of family law, while working together we have quickly exceeded the scope of that sphere and realized the need to create a more universal research platform in other areas of law.

The aim of the Studio is to analyse topical issues of contemporary international and domestic law, to develop and implement projects aimed at addressing them, and to carry out training and research aiming at promoting the harmonisation of the Ukrainian legislation and the practice of its application with the best international practices and the fulfilment of Ukraine’s international legal obligations.

Why do you need us?

  • To be aware of the latest trends and developments in various spheres of domestic and international law;
  • To enrich one’s knowledge constantly with new, interesting and useful information;
  • To increase the level of professional competence and qualifications;
  • To expand the list of business and personal contacts;
  • To communicate with colleagues in order to seek and find ways out of difficult legal situations.

Why do we need you?

We do not view other lawyers as our competitors.

We are convinced that all lawyers speak the same language and share common values. With this in mind, we have created the Contemporary Law Studio as a discussion platform for the most pressing and problematic issues of law, for exchanging experience between lawyers, for directly communicating with the most qualified experts from various fields of knowledge, as well as for jointly looking for solutions to key legal problems.

We share the same philosophy with those colleagues who are proactive and professional, open to communication and new ideas, ready to share their knowledge and experience and who constantly strive to increase the level of their legal skills.

What we do?

  • We study and analyse the actual state and development trends in various legal matters in Ukraine and worldwide, we conduct comparative legal research, as well as develop recommendations to government agencies, NGOs, professionals in various fields of knowledge, and so forth;
  • We carry out legal training activities that include round tables, conferences, workshops etc., and otherwise contribute to legal education;
  • We participate in law-making by drafting bills and/or submitting proposals to improve the legal framework in order to promote the approximation of the Ukrainian legislation and practices of its application to the best international standards and the fulfilment of Ukraine’s international obligations;
  • We promote human rights ideology and international standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the principles of participation of individuals and the public in the management of public affairs, the prohibition of discrimination, gender equality, respect for private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience, religion and expression, and so forth;
  • We establish and develop relations with Ukrainian, international and foreign NGOs, institutions, organizations;